OpenBW is a free and open-source clone of Brood War.

The project consists of four modules:

core Core Engine: the heart of OpenBW
This is a complete recreation of a game engine. It is fully compatible with Brood War. Including every single feature, bug, and pathfinding quirk. The engine is written in c++ and the source will be publicly available.
high definition BW HD: updated graphics to accommodate modern resolutions and screen sizes
We aim to provide our own high-definition “skin” while staying true to the original design. Purists will still be able to use the original graphics with any view port size (this requires you to own a legal copy of Brood War).
replay viewer View replays in your browser – at any resolution.
Viewing replays is now as easy as loading a replay in your browser. Your browser window determines the maximum view port. Jump forward and rewind, change speed, zoom in and out, and much more. Note: watching a replay using the original graphics requires you to own a legal copy of Brood War.
AI bot IDE BW AI: an IDE (integrated development environment) for OpenBW bot developers
Are you interested in programming and want to test your skills writing your own bot? Studying artificial intelligence and want to apply what you have learned?
This integrated development environment will kick-start your project, avoiding the reinvention of many wheels.